World Peace totally respects Pop's coaching ability


World Peace totally respects Pop’s coaching ability



via USA Today

World Peace seems to have mastered at least one Art of War: to know your enemy. On the prospect of meeting the Spurs in their first round match-up, World Peace is all praises to the longest reigning active coach, San Antonio’s Gregg Popovich.

In a statement that is totally reflective of the Metta way, the former Ron Artest shows bravado at their upcoming playoff run, with bold statements of possible championships. Yet, he would not underestimate their foes, as Pop is venerated for his sage-like ability:


As always, Metta World Peace wasn’t afraid to talk tough.

He talked about the underachieving Los Angeles Lakers as possible NBA champions, ignoring that a No. 7 seed has never won it all. “If a man can go to the moon, we can do it,” he deduced.

But as for this widely-held assumption that they wanted to face the ailing San Antonio Spurs, that they saw this oldie-but-goodie team as vulnerable and thus fought even harder to outlast the Houston Rockets in that overtime game on Wednesday that secured this matchup and got them out of facing top-seed Oklahoma City? That’s where the boasting came to an end.

“No, no no no no no,” World Peace blubbered, his head shaking and eyebrows raised. “Not when you’ve got (Spurs coach Gregg) Popovich – uh uh uh uh uh. He’s amazing. That coach is something else. I just know he draws up plays where he could have five old ladies after they eat 14 boxes of chocolate chip cookies. He’ll put them on the court, and they’ll win. That’s how good Popovich is.”

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