Why Are Ray Allen's Calves So Huge??


Why Are Ray Allen’s Calves So Huge??


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Via Heat Zone Blog:

ray allen calves

I don’t think we’ll ever know why Ray Allen’s calves are so huge, but one question that must be answered is why in the world does he have bandages on them. Are they exploding? According to Heat Zone blog those patches are actually “Aqua Titanium” to promote blood flow in tight areas.

Ray Allen has now played for the Heat for nearly three months but, still, there are questions about him that call for answers.

Such as this one:

Why is he wearing small circular bandages on his calves?

And what are they?

“Aqua titanium,” Allen said. “They promote blood flows in the areas that you put it to on your body. My tightest areas are always my calves, so that’s where I put them.”

Allen began using them in Milwaukee, and his trainer had them when he played for Seattle. In Boston, he had to find them himself, so he would wear them at home but not on the road. Now he has a sizable stash.

“I keep them in my bag now,” Allen said.

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