Wade fined $5K for Flop


Wade fined $5K for Flop



As expected, the NBA had fined Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade for the cheap flop (or was it good acting) in game 2 of the NBA Finals where Spurs guard Manu Ginobili incurred his third foul.

According to Wade via ESPN:

“He took a swipe and he hit me,” Wade said Monday, before the fine was announced. “It was a late call by the ref, but he called it.”

“I saw Manu coming out of the corner of my eye to try to steal it so my only thing was to make sure that he didn’t steal it,” Wade said. “He swiped and he wound up hitting me and the ref called a foul. We move on.”

The fine was fifth flopping violation in the NBA playoffs and curiously it was called on a “supposed” master flopper in Ginobili. Considering his salary, that $5K fine seems to be chump change don’t you think?

If you failed to catch it, here is a video replay of that flopping incident.

Image Credits: CBS Sports

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