Ty Lawson says Denver could beat Miami in playoff series


Ty Lawson says Denver could beat Miami in playoff series


via FSN Florida:


The Denver Nuggets recently had a 15-game winning streak. But nobody paid too much attention since the Miami Heat were in the midst of a 27-game spurt. For a team with the NBA’s fourth-best record, the Nuggets sure do fly under the radar. But leave it to Ty Lawson to let it be known how good they are.

Per FSN Florida

 “Lawson vows the Nuggets (50-24) ‘can get to the NBA Finals’ and win. Never mind if their Finals foe could be the mighty Heat. ‘I think so,’ Lawson said when asked if the Nuggets could beat the Heat for the title. ‘They beat us twice early in the year when we weren’t really in sync. We were still trying to find ourselves. So I feel like if we play them now it would be a better game and we could actually beat them.’ Denver did give the Heat two good games in November, losing 119-116 at Miami and 98-93 at home. So what makes Lawson think the Nuggets could turn the tide if the teams met in the Finals? ‘Teamwork, and we could throw a lot of people at LeBron (James) and (Dwyane Wade), and not just one person,’ Lawson said. ‘We can throw (Andre) Iguodala and (Danilo Gallinari) and Corey Brewer and Wilson (Chandler). You can throw so many people at (them). And then we have so many weapons.’”


Do you think the Nuggets would beat the Heat in a playoff series?

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