The Lakers "Plan C"


The Lakers “Plan C”



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dwight howard

The Lakers keeping Dwight Howard, then acquiring a complementary piece in next year’s free agency is “Plan A.’

That didn’t work out, so the Lakers’ Plan B is getting a new superstar (Lebron or Carmelo).

There’s no assurance of that happening, then what will the Lakers do if neither transfers to Tinseltown?

The Kobe-Nash retirement vigil just won’t hack it. They need young talent if they are to compete.

What could they do?

The assumption is that Kobe will return (for a smaller price) and Nash is still there (under contract). The sad reality is that Pau is probably gone(he’s probably had enough of the Lakers disrespect). Also discounting Dwyane Wade (won’t leave Miami) and Dirk Nowitzki (won’t leave Dallas, also old) Tim Duncan is technically a free agent, but really? Also Zach Randolph since he has played his best basketball, and the decline will be steep.

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