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Dion Waiters To OKC Thunder, JR Smith To Cavs!

Big three-way trade in the offing. The details have yet to emerge but what has been confirmed is that Dion Waiters was pulled out of the starting line-up in Cleveland’s game against the Philadelphia 76ers.   Based on various Twitter reports, it’s a three-way trade that also involves Iman Shumpert […]

Josh Smith Waived By Detroit Pistons!

Stan Van Gundy really wants his way for his team and Josh Smith will not be a part of it. After seemingly futile efforts for a trade, the Detroit Pistons have waived Josh Smith. The announcement came with a statement from SVG. From M Live: “Our team has not performed […]

Is Derrick Rose Injured Again?

Say what you want about Stephen A. Smith, but he does ask the hard questions. Is Derrick Rose lying about his status? Does he have a grave injury that they”re trying to hide? Rose left another game–a close one against the Denver Nuggets. The Bulls lost that. After his controversial […]

Who’s Joe Harris? The next Cavaliers’ Starter!

Joe Harris is the 33rd pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. The Virginia standout shows that seniors can find their niche in the NBA–it’s not all about the “one and dones.” Harris found a perfect role alongside Cleveland’s Big Three. While other guards like Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters are […]

Sacramento Protests Memphis Buzzer-Beater Victory

The Memphis Grizzlies beat the Sacramento Kings 111-110 courtesy of a Courtney Lee buzzer beating lay-up with 0.3 seconds left! This is a hard call and the victory is on the line. ┬áThe game has been placed under protest by the Sacramento Kings and with good reason. It’s all about […]