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Stephen Curry wants to be a Warrior forever


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How many teams would like to have Stephen Curry in their roster? That kind of hot shooting will make take a load of everyone’s back, and make your team survive despite disadvantages in the paint.

How many cities would like to have Stephen Curry as their hero? Now that Stephen Curry has been given a key to the city of San Francisco, he would need a huge key chain for all the keys other cities will offer him. But typical Stephen Curry wants only one.

per Sports on Earth:

Midway through our walk, he stops. “This is where they want it to be.” The Warriors are trying to get a new stadium built in San Francisco proper and are attempting to use the good vibes generated by Curry and the playoff run to grease the wheels a little bit. (It’s probably the real reason Curry was awarded the key to the city, during a ceremony in which San Francisco mayor Ed Lee called Curry “Steve.” Curry explained: “He got it right the first three or four times he said it. But then I think he got revved up and excited and forgot for a second.”) The arena, on Piers 30-32, is meant to be for the Warriors what AT&T Park was for the Giants; a gorgeous downtown hub with breathtaking views and modern amenities. Many are skeptical of how much of what the Warriors want will get built, and even Curry’s a little doubtful himself. “It’d be fantastic, but they gotta fix this pier first,” he says. “Gonna cost $100 million just to fix the pier. But man, have you seen those drawings? That’d be the most amazing place to play. I might sometimes stare at it and forget to play.” If the arena is built in San Francisco, by the way, Curry’s probably going to move to a fifth place. He’s not going to get stuck on another bridge coming from Oakland. “I’d head down to the Valley, I bet,” he says.



Curry spends the summers back in Charlotte and is in fact going down there on Friday. He loves the Bay Area, but his home is his home. “It’s just chill in Charlotte,” he says. “Quiet. I like quiet and peace and a normal life in the suburbs. I might be too young for that, but that’s what I like. And now that I have a kid, I suppose I wouldn’t have much choice anyway.” But during the season, he is ecstatic to get to live here, wherever it is he lives. “The great thing about this whole area is that it has everything,” he says. “I can live in the city or in the suburbs or near a college, it’s all in the same place. Tough to find an environment like that.”



But mostly: It’s the fans. “No offense to New York, but I’m so, so happy I didn’t fall to them in the draft,” he says after I tell him I’m a Knicks fan. “No matter what they do with the new arena, they better not change the dynamics of the fanbase. If we have the same fans, in this new place … man, I’d want to play here forever. Wouldn’t you?”

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