Source: Michael Jordan preparing for a return to the NBA?


Source: Michael Jordan preparing for a return to the NBA?


via Sports Illustrated / Itay Tamary:


Just after “Michael Jordan week” ended it looks like it’s about to start up again because this story seemed to slip under under our radar. We’ve been informed that Sports Illustrated published a report that has built speculation that Michael Jordan just might be prepare for a comeback to the NBA at the age of 50. If you ask me, if there is any other player capable of achieving such a feat it’s definitely the G.O.A.T.


According to S.I. MJ’s long time trainer Tim Grover based out of Chicago has composed a workout regimen/ nutrition plan combined with in depth research that would be the perfect supplement for a 50 year old Jordan to get back into playing shape again for an NBA game. Grover believes that MJ is currently the best player on Charlotte which could be debatable true since he reportedly defeated the #2 draft pick of the 2012 NBA draft one-on-one.


One setback to this entire story as reported by SI is that MJ’s duties as a owner of the Bobcats could prevent him from planning a comeback, but if you ask me I don’t see anything preventing Jordan from coming back to play in the NBA if he wanted to. Here is the full story from Sports Illustrated.


Per Sports Illustrated:

MJMichael Jordan’s upcoming 50th birthday has brought the basketball legend back into the spotlight and even fueled speculation that he could attempt a comeback. If Jordan chooses to go that route, longtime trainer Tim Grover is prepared to help. Grover has done extensive research to put together a program for Jordan to follow should he attempt a return to the NBA, according to Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, and believes that Jordan “is still the best player on the Charlotte Bobcats.” The soon-to-be 50-year-old beat 19-year-old No. 2 draft pick Michael Kidd-Gilchrist in a game of one-on-one last month, according to CSNHouston.com’s Dave Zangaro. Jordan’s duties as owner of the Bobcats are the main obstacles preventing him from planning a comeback, Grover told Yahoo! Sports. But Grover also said that if he ever gets the call, he will “be ready for him.” Fifty pages inside a binder sit on Grover’s desk inside his suburban Chicago home now, information and studies and research and innovations into regenerating the muscle fibers and anti-aging advances and nutrition. From his trips to Europe and Asia and the Far East, Grover has incorporated a small library of intelligence – backed with the most intimate knowledge of Jordan’s body and mind and drive – to create a program that awaits the comeback of all comebacks at 50 years old. In his last comeback attempt at 38-40-years-old, Jordan averaged more than 20 points per game over two seasons with the Washington Wizards. Grover believes that the Hall of Famer could pull off a similar feat a decade later. “His skill level was so superior to everyone else, his understanding of the commitment to the task so different, I absolutely believe [Jordan] playing again at 50 is obtainable,” Grover said. “Of course, things have been diminished away from the game so long, but even with what’s diminished by age, by not playing, I still think he’s superior to a lot of the players out there now.” Jordan has been working out more frequently in hopes of shedding pounds to reach his former playing weight of 218, as detailed in Wright Thompson’s ESPN.com feature.

So tell us what you think. Would you like to see Michael Jordan come back to the NBA? If he did, where would he rank?


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