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Source: Andrew Wiggins Will Commit To FSU


Via Kentucky Sports Radio:

Andrew Wiggins has not made his official decision on where he will play college basketball. One thing for sure is that right now he has the recruiting world at the edge of their seats to see if he will choose to either make a monumental impact at FSU with fellow teammate Xavier Rathan Mayes or will he join the Big Blue Nation and form the best recruiting class in the history of college basketball.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Evan Daniels believes that Andrew Wiggins will commit to Florida State. The day after the #1 Center in America committed to UK, the #1 player in America is giving #BBN some bad vibes.

While it is indeed bad news, let’s think of this glass half full: 1. This is nothing official, just Evan Daniels’ opinion. 2. Kentucky still has signed a stellar class and Julius Randle’s recruitment is still wide open.

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  • ThePhog

    Are you forgetting that Kansas and UNC are also in the mix considering it was Wiggins who showed interest. The fact is, if it was really down to just FSU and UK, he would already have made his commitment since he hates the whole recruiting process(his own words. The fact he is dragging his recruitmentvmeans he’s really interested in Kansas and UNC. Wiggins brother plays for WSU and Wiggins has said he likes Kansas a lot. Don’t be shocked if he goes to Kansas or UNC instead

  • Brandon

    I hope he doesn’t go to FSU. I would actually like to see him at UNC. But the article doesn’t state any facts, just Evan Daniels opinion.

  • A guy who reads message boards

    Evans Daniels certainly has sources, but I wouldn’t consider him a shining example of unbiased reporting. He definitely loves to emphasize bad news for specific teams.

  • Brent

    lol love your username.

  • nagesh


  • GamecockMac

    Guess your source SUCKS, huh?

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