Sixers Not Rushing Nerlens Noel


Sixers Not Rushing Nerlens Noel


The Sixers didn’t draft Nerlens Noel in June because they expected him to contribute right away. Rushing recovery from a torn ACL is shortsighted on its own, but it’s no surprise the new Sixers regime of Sam Hinkie and Brett Brown don’t plan on rushing Noel back anytime soon or really anytime at all.

Per Philly.com:

“The Sixers are in no rush to get [Noel] on the court. Though Noel is ahead of schedule in his weight-room workouts, Wilk (who has been working with Noel) doubts he will be ready to play before December. ‘Right now, the stuff we are doing is not necessarily on the court,’ Wilk said. ‘He’s got to get used to the court, cutting on the court. Used to playing defense one-on-one. Things of that nature. So it’s probably going to get pushed a little further back, even though he looks like he’s ready.’ For now, his regimen includes strengthening exercises designed to build bulk, agility, and proprioception exercises, and non-muscular training.”

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