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Report: Derrick Rose looking ‘Even Faster’


via CSN Chicago:


The definition of “more contact” for Derrick Rose, as Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau described the “next step” in the former league MVP’s ongoing recovery process is controlled games of two-on-two, has learned. When reports surfaced about Rose’s performance they came back pretty exciting. See below:

“He looked great. Remember how he used to cut through the lane? The way he used to cut through the lane and do the acrobatics,” described another person who witnessed Rose’s first time playing with teammates since last April 28, albeit in an informal, two-on-two practice setting. “It just looked so smooth. But he’s just taking his time. I think he’s got to come back when he’s ready, but it’s still progressing.”

“Just looking at his body, it’s crazy. Compared to where he used to be, his body, he’s just been working real hard and you can tell how his jumping ability is, that burst. Even though he’s a minute away, that burst, that back cut, it looks so familiar, but even faster,” the individual told “It was real competitive, but at the same time, he’s still a while away. But he just needs to get his timing back. But he looks great.”


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  • brad

    now that is just scary

  • patrick

    my question is, who was playing in this two on two game? haha not to say that he isn’t faster and all that but things don’t always translate from a 2 on 2 game in a practice setting to a 5 on 5 NBA game.

  • Steph

    Lol right? I think its just another report from the media being over ecstatic that Derrick Rose did something. (Breaking: Derrick Rose ate chocolate! Hes moving faster too!) I still think he should sit out. Feel most sorry for Lou Williams, he’s going through the same exact situation now

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