Report: Bucks interested in trading for Josh Smith


Report: Bucks interested in trading for Josh Smith


via Racine Journal-Times:


Hawks forward, Josh Smith, is expected to be traded before the February 21st deadline, and along with theNetsSuns, and Spurs – the Milwaukee Bucks are now reportedly interested in trading for the 8-year-veteran, and they’re in great position to do so.

Per Journal-Times:

One team that hasn’t been publicly mentioned in the Smith Sweepstakes is Milwaukee,although there are whispers the Bucks are interested. The Bucks are in position to offer the Hawks as good of a deal as anyone for Smith, especially if Jennings or Ellis is involved. Bucks forward Ersan Ilyasova, whom the Nets seriously courted during free agency last summer and are still interested in, could also come into play.

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