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Report: Andrea Bargnani trade unlikely to happen until the summer

Toronto Raptors v New York Knicks

via Toronto Star:

Toronto Raptors v New York Knicks

A source told Raptors beat writer Doug Smith that an Andrea Bargnani trade is unlikely to happen until the summer. Another way to word that is the Raptors haven’t got anything worth their time for Bargnani, but that was rather predictable since the entire league knows he’s available and the Raptors don’t have much leverage with him. It’s very possible the Raps roll with Bargnani through the remainder of the season and look to move him in the off-season when his stock might have improved around the league.

Per Toronto Star:


The Raptors?

Word from the executives I talked to over the weekend here and by electronic methods, all suggested there’s not an awful lot of trade activity percolating right now, which we all know can change at the drop of a hat.

The big one, of course, is Bargnani and one note I got this weekend simply said:

“Looks like the summer.”

Now, I know Bryan pretty well and I would say he’ll do something small this week, it’s like second nature to him, to make a deadline-week deal just to be in the fray.

But, at this minute, there’s nothing serious going on for anyone, which is good since I have an hour of work and then a three-hour flight to deal with.


Uncoolest thing I saw

You know how I sometimes rant about the so-called “media” members who show up at these things with little or no work to actually do?

Well, it’s Saturday night, again, and a couple of very good media row seats that were reserved for team and league public relations personnel come open.

A few minutes later, here come two credential-wearing yutes to take them, regardless of who they were assigned to.

That in itself is not an egregious breach of protocol but the fact one of them was carrier a full cup of beer and order of nachos was about as blatant a professional gaffe as there is.

And when the dude knocked the beer over on the back of a team employee sitting in front of him, it went from bad to worse.

Spilled beer smells, it seems.

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