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Q+A With 2014′s Best, Jahlil Okafor


Whitney Youg High School’s(Chicago) Jahlil Okafor is ESPN’s #1 Center in the class of 2014.

Q: What are the schools that have been after you lately?

A: Oh, It’s been pretty much the same schools coming at me. Ohio State, Duke, Michigan State, Arizona and North Carolina have been coming at me the most. Kentucky is starting to talk to me.

Q: What‘s the good thing about playing for a Nike sponsored summer team?

A: Just the exposure it gives you an opportunity to show people what you could potentially do in the future. And Nike teams usually have the best players so it allows you to play the top competition.

Pictured With LeBron

Q: What’s the coolest thing you have experienced as a underclassmen playing on an elite level?

A: Having the opportunity to go to the LeBron camp and play against LeBron.

Q: Did you get the best of LeBron James?

A: I tried.

Q: What’s the thing many people don’t know about that you want them to know?

A: I play basketball, just kidding, (laughing out loud). I’m just a chill normal guy that was blessed with a gift.

Q: What are two school’s you plan on visiting this summer?

A: I’m not quite sure, probably Michigan State.

Q: What’s the funniest thing Coach Ty Slaughter (high school coach) has ever said to you?

A: I can’t quote the things he say, too wild.

Sign off: Until next time this is Kyle Randle (@KRscout) signing off here with Jahlil Okafor.



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