Pierce chills and waits for turn


Pierce chills and waits for turn



Right now, round one of the free agent circus is revolving around Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh. And for Paul Pierce, they can take all the time they want. For now, he will be busy playing at the WSOP, a picture of himself which was seen on Twitter.

From the NY Post:

With teams waiting for both of the superstar small forwards to choose where they’ll play next season, the second tier of free agents — including Pierce and Cavaliers free agent Luol Deng — are stuck waiting to know what their market will be.

Once James and Anthony make their decisions, Pierce’s market should be a robust one, with the most likely suitors being the Clippers and Bulls. Both would present him with opportunities to be in comfortable situations, with Pierce either reunited with former head coach Doc Rivers in Los Angeles — his hometown — or with former Celtics assistant Tom Thibodeau in Chicago.

The team which has expressed interest in Pierce is of course the Los Angeles Clippers. But the pitch they made was far from impressive for the Nets. Once the smoke clears on Lebron and Melo, the attention will surely shift to the next batch of free agents which include Pierce. Could the Clippers offer a better one by that time to reunite him with Doc Rivers?

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