Pacers find no takers for Danny Granger


Pacers find no takers for Danny Granger



via Fansided

Trading a player fresh from an injury that sidelined him for almost an entire season is difficult. Unless it’s Derrick Rose or Dwight Howard (teams will take them in a heartbeat), it’s logical for teams to hesitate. The dilemma for the Pacers is that they are a complete team who stood toe-to-toe with the Champions without Granger, but they can’t trade him for peanuts. It’s too early though. The off-season hasn’t even started. Many teams are withholding any transaction until the big agents play out. The end of the Dwight saga will bring answers.

per Fansided:

It’s been a busy few days in the Indiana Pacers front office. In addition to re-signingDavid West this morning and pulling back their qualifying offer on Tyler Hansbrough, making him an unrestricted free agent, the Pacers have also been hitting the phone lines hard in attempts to trade Danny Granger.

Despite the Pacers’ desire to find a destination for the often-injured Granger and Green, they’re finding “no market” for either player at the moment, one rival executive said.

Despite not finding much luck right now, the Pacers shouldn’t find too much difficulty moving Granger once the offseason market slows down. Few teams want to eat their available cap space in the midst of free agency, which is exactly what acquiring Granger would do. He’ll enter the upcoming season as an expiring contract so the Pacers will have their suitors down the road, despite wanting to move him right now.

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