Pacers' coach Vogel hit on Hibbert sub


Pacers’ coach Vogel hit on Hibbert sub



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The coaches have the hot seat in the playoffs. While armchair coaches often judge like sages with their 20/20 hindsight, coaches have to make decisions on the fly. Only the results will determine the wisdom of your decision.

Frank Vogel is revered as one of the better young coaches today. He has handled Indiana well, all the way to the Conference Finals, and many have forgotten that they don’t have their top scorer, Danny Granger with them. His team went toe-to-toe with the best team in Game 1, but he will still be harshly judged for the loss.


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Sometimes coaches stick with a player too long. Sometimes they have too much of a quick hook.



Indiana’s Frank Vogel was still being criticized Thursday, long after he sent the Pacers out on the floor for the game’s final possession in Miami without Roy Hibbert — and that wasn’t even the first time he took heat this postseason for subbing out his big man.



From costly changes to untimely timeouts, here are some of the questionable coaching maneuvers in this year’s playoffs.



Frank Vogel, Indiana, Eastern Conference finals, Game 1. Vogel took Roy Hibbert off the floor for Miami’s final possession in favor of a smaller, quicker lineup that could make switches. But when he’d done the same thing on the previous possession, LeBron James simply drove right to the rim for a basket without the 7-foot-2 shot blocker standing in his way. With no Hibbert and no time to do anything else, James went right to the basket again on the last play, making a layup just before time expired for a 103-102 overtime victory. Vogel would later say that next time, Hibbert would probably be on the floor in that situation.

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