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Nike develops an amazing shoe for LeBron to wear during the NBA Playoffs


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Lebron 11 ELITE Team april 11

You can call theses the LeBron 11 Elite or the LeBron 11 Playoff edition, it doesn’t matter. Only two things are important; 1 – Nike designed a shoe for LeBron to wear during Playoffs, and 2 – they’re dope.

Here are official photos of the Nike Lebron 11 Elite Team model. This shoe was unveiled this week as part of the Nike Basketball Elite Series Team Collection that will be available April 11. The collection also includes the KD ELITE VI and Kobe 9 ELITE team models.

Share with us your opinion! What do you think about the LeBron 11 “Elite”?

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  • Glenard Davidson

    Please give them away!! :)

  • Anonymous

    I would sleep in these…take a shower too…and go to church…oh yea I would hoop in them too.

  • Rodolfo Ruiz

    This has to be the ugliest thing these eyes have ever seen. A little too much going on.

  • Tavis Young

    He say he don’t like the feeling of his 11s that’s why he don’t wear them in regular season

  • Christian Earl Vega

    $275!!! fuuuck no

  • Ahrenn Sivananthan

    don’t like them, they’re ugly + lebron related and way too expensive

  • Mack Biester

    LeBron wants to be a Bionicle

  • Cesar Quinonez

    275? Plus tax means around 280 290 dollars?! Drop! !!!!#

  • Brady Thomas

    How bout those lilards

  • Brady Thomas


  • David Lee

    Looks like a kid was let loose on the Nike id and didn’t know when to stop. Far too much.

  • Ranko Puseljic

    @Sami Logoro what you think?

  • Sami Logoro

    I’m not big on lebron 11s Ranko Puseljic

  • Racaza Jared Zaldy

    Flopper – too expensive to buy. Not practical.

  • Mitchell Jonez

    Different color?

  • Nick Rice

    cool if you want your feet to look like a transformer

  • Kirk Aotp Stanfield

    they ight..i still like the original green ones ad the allstar edition 11s

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