New Sacramento Kings Coach fires all former assistants


New Sacramento Kings Coach fires all former assistants




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The new Kingdom in Sacramento has already established, and distinguished itself from the former. After being formally introduced as the new head coach of the Sacramento Kings, Michael Malone has informed the remaining assistants that they will not be retained..pretty much fired. It was expected, and probably a good move so the coach can have a staff that he wants..and considering the disarray the Kings were playing with.

Michael Malone has boldly taken the responsibility on himself. Time will tell if this Game of thrones bodes well for the Kings fans.


per Sacbee:

The remaking of the Kings continued Tuesday when assistant coaches from Keith Smart’s staff were informed by new head coach Michael Malone they would not be retained.



The contracts for Jim Eyen, Alex English, Bobby Jackson and Clifford Ray expire June 30. Smart was fired last week with one year left on his deal. Jackson, the popular former Kings player, was added to the staff for the 2011-12 season, underPaul Westphal. The team announced Jackson would remain with the Kings in another capacity yet to be determined.



After retiring from the Kings as a player, Jackson served as “team ambassador” during the 2009-10 season by representing the team at community events and being involved with fans. He also served in a regional scout/player development role. Jackson assisted the front office with scouting, player evaluations and preparing for the NBA draft.



The rest of the coaching staff wasn’t so fortunate.



Eyen was the lead assistant and came to the Kings with Westphal in 2009.



English, the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame small forward, joined the staff in 2012 after Smart was promoted to head coach after Westphal was fired.



Ray, whose specialty is coaching post players, joined the staff full time this past season after volunteering late in the 2011-12 season.



The purge was expected with Malone looking to put his imprint on the team. Malone already said he would add his father, longtime NBA coach Brendan Malone, to his staff.



Comcast Sports Northwest reported Hall of Fame center Patrick Ewing was contacted about his interest in joining Malone’s staff.



Ewing, however, is scheduled to meet with new Charlotte coach Steve Clifford about joining the staff as Clifford’s lead assistant. Ewing also is friends with Bobcats owner Michael Jordan and has known Clifford for some time after working with him in Orlando and Houston.



“It’s all about the right fit,” Ewing told the cable network. “I just don’t want to come in and be labeled a big-man’s coach. We’ll sit down and see what we can offer one another and go from there.”



Golden State assistant coach Bob Beyer also has been mentioned as a possible candidate to join Malone’s staff.



Beyer was on the coaching staff in Orlando with Clifford, Ewing and Brendan Malone.



Beyer also has been reported to be a candidate for a job in Charlotte with Clifford.



The changes in the Kings’ organization weren’t limited to the coaching staff.



Troy Hanson, vice president of media relations, and Darrin May, executive director of media relations, were both told Monday they would not be retained.

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