Mavs take DeJuan Blair


Mavs take DeJuan Blair



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Without the Big Step (Howard) they were expecting to take, the Dallas Mavericks are tiptoe-ing to improve.

Dejuan Blair is an underrated and undersized forward. It’s a good thing that he’ll stay in the NBA.

Good pick-up by the Mavs. A younger, cheaper Elton Brand is reasonable for them.


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The Mavericks envision DeJuan Blair as a better-fitting version of Elton Brand.

Like Brand last season, the Mavs will count on the 6-foot-7, 265-pound Blair to provide a healthy dose of toughness as a vertically-challenged, wide-bodied banger who will play the vast majority of his minutes at center. They believe Blair, who averaged 7.8 points and 5.8 rebounds in 18.9 minutes per game during his four seasons in San Antonio, addresses a glaring need for some nastiness on the roster.

They also think the 24-year-old Blair, who is on the verge of signing with Dallas, fits better with the Mavs’ personnel on the offensive end than the 34-year-old Brand did. The reasoning: Blair is a roller; Brand is a popper.

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