Livio Jean-Charles: Yet Another Draft Steal by the Spurs (PHOTO)


Livio Jean-Charles: Yet Another Draft Steal by the Spurs (PHOTO)






The Spurs have done it again. What they lack for glitz and glamour, they more than make up by simply by being smarter than the rest of the NBA. We have just witnessed the emergence of Kawhi Leonard, a testament to R.C. Buford’s genius, and now they have another heist.

The photo above shows the official box score of the recent Nike Hoop Summit. The World team beat Team USA. Notice the names on the rosters-Andrew Wiggins of the World team, and the entire starting line-up of Team USA..these are the prospects of NBA Draft 2014, the players NBA teams like the Celtics, Cavs, Sixers, perhaps even the Lakers and many others are tanking for.

None of these guys emerged as the top scorer. Sure, this is one game, but it’s supposed to be best stage to showcase your talent. You’re playing with the world’s best young players, the NBA’s best stars in the next years. Who’s the star that shone the brightest? Livio Jean-Charles of France. (27 points, 13 rebounds)Which team drafted him–the San Antonio Spurs, at 28th overall.

Somebody call 911, a robbery has just taken place..




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