Lil Wayne still hates the Miami Heat


Lil Wayne still hates the Miami Heat


via TMZ


TMZ was able to recovr the photo above which was taken after the Bulls knocked the Heat in game 1 of the playoffs. According to TMZ, Lil Wayne gifted the Bulls with free booze after their upset delivered to the Miami Heat after game 1. It seems Lil Wayne is still upset with the Miami Heat organization for kicking him out of a game back in February. Wayne claims it’s for rooting for the Lakers, contrary to what was actually reported that Wayne made a gun gesture at a fan.




Lil Wayne still hates the Miami Heat so much … he hooked up the Chicago Bulls with free booze after they upset LeBron James and company — and TMZ got a pic of their celebration.


It all went down Monday night at Excess Mondays at Mansion nightclub in Miami where, we’re told, Wayne invited a few Bulls players (who were already in the club) to party with him … just hours after they beat the Heat 93-86.


The guys with Weezy were (left to right) — Mack Maine (pres. of Young Money Entertainment) … along with Bulls’ Taj Gibson, Richard Hamilton, Vladimir Radmanovic and Nazr Mohammed.


Our sources say Wayne provided the boys with bottles of vodka and told ‘em he was rooting for them to knock the Heat out of the playoffs.


Wayne’s beef with the Heat started back in February — when he claimed he was tossed out of a game in Miami for rooting for the Lakers.


The Bulls have lost to the Heat twice since this pic was taken … so pretty soon they’re gonna need a few bottles of vodka for a whole different reason.


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