Lil Wayne Denied Entrance to Thunder/Spurs Game


Lil Wayne Denied Entrance to Thunder/Spurs Game


Perhaps one of the most iconic figures in music today, Lil Wayne was denied entrance to the Thunder arena tonight before tipoff. Lil Wayne tweeted this:

According to Lil Wayne he was denied by the team which brings up the big question, why in the world would the Thunder deny him entrance to be in the arena at all? There is speculation online currently that it has to do with previous romances from Lil Wayne. James Harden is allegedly romantically involved with the rapper Trina whom used to have a fling with Lil Wayne back in the day. However, this is not appearing to be the case, according to Thunder reps, he simply did not have a ticket and they were sold out. They wouldn’t let him in without a ticket.  If this is truly the only reason I say bravo to the Thunder employees who treated him like any other human being and didn’t give into the celebrity factor.