Kyrie Irving says he lost his 'basketball father'


Kyrie Irving says he lost his ‘basketball father’


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After the recent firing of Byron Scott, Cleveland’s All-Star Kyrie Irving shared with the Washington post that he and Byron Scott had a very close relationship and it is so hard to see him go.  Of course this is expected among coaches and players so I feel bad for Kyrie.  Check out his thoughts below.

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“INDEPENDENCE, Ohio — Kyrie Irving was surprised, disappointed and deeply hurt. With everything the Cavaliers’ All-Star guard has experienced during two seasons in the NBA, nothing prepared him for this.  This was as painful as any injury.


“I just lost my head coach,” Irving said, his voice barely above a whisper. “This is all new to me right now. I’m just trying to get over the loss of my basketball father.”


A Cleveland team has ditched yet another coach. Byron Scott was fired Thursday by the Cavaliers following three losing seasons in which the team did not play well defensively or make satisfactory progress for owner Dan Gilbert. Scott was dismissed one day after the Cavs finished an 82-game rollercoaster of a season that included injuries, blown leads, far too many uninspired performances and a dismal final month. Scott’s firing, which seemed inevitable as the Cavs dragged themselves through the past few weeks, was especially tough on Irving. The 21-year-old had formed a tight bond with Scott and hated to see it severed.


“I feel like a piece of me is missing now,” Irving said. “Just coming into the league and being drafted by him. The relationship I developed over the two years with him has been very special. It’s hurtful.”

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