Kobe On Westbrook: "I Know He Wears A Lot Of Weird Sh*%t"


Kobe On Westbrook: “I Know He Wears A Lot Of Weird Sh*%t”


Russell Westbrook may not have the NBA’s best fashion sense, but at least he plays a major role in the Thunder’s winning record. Kobe Bryant understands this from both perspectives, so he shows respect to Westbrook’s game, but pretty much bashes Westbrook’s dressing style. Bryant expressed his respect for Westbrook’s mid-range game earlier this week. “It’s not a weakness of his anymore,” Bryant said. “It’s a strength.”

Bryant guarded Westbrook most of Game 1, struggling to contain Westbrook through picks as Westbrook posted twenty-seven points, nine assists and one turnover. Another aspect of the Lakers’ defense if Oklahoma City continues to run pick-and-rolls toward Andrew Bynum, is for him to trust that a teammate will rotate back to his cover his man near the net. Bryant said the Lakers can’t just assume Westbrook will miss those jumpers like he did back in April.

When asked about Westbrook’s wardrobe, Bryant wasn’t very subtle in his response.  As we all know Westbrook sported a fish bait polo t-shirt with Urkel glasses at the post-game conference.

Bryant had this to say:

“I didn’t see it … I know he wears a lot of weird (expletive) though… It’s a generational thing.”

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This quote will be stored into my mental record book of the coldest NBA disses of all time, right before Kris Humprhries abnormally well thought out diss to Kanye West.

Here’s what Westbrook thought about his outfit: