Kobe Bryant Deals With Self-doubt


Kobe Bryant Deals With Self-doubt


Via LA Daily News:


After Kobe Bryant and the Lakers almost defeated the Clippers, he sent out a tweet about self-doubt. He had the chance to explain himself to LA Daily News:

The NBA’s most confident player showed insecurity on a night he almost single-handedly carried the Lakers to a win.

After posting 38 points in the Lakers’ 107-102 loss Friday to the Clippers, Bryant tweeted on his new account.

“Thoughts of self doubt-Am I done?” Bryant tweeted. “Is this how my career will end?? I REFUSE to give in to these thoughts.”

Bryant elaborated on self-doubt following Saturday’s practice.

“Everybody has it,” Bryant said. “The way I react to it is different than everybody else. I don’t feed into it. I’m able to face it. I’m able to deal with it and I’m able to get through it. That’s probably the difference between myself and other people.”

Bryant sounded eager to see how his teammates respond to his message when the Lakers (15-17) play the Denver Nuggets (18-16) Sunday at Staples Center. That marks the beginning of a week that also includes stops in Houston (Tuesday), San Antonio (Wednesday) and a home game against Oklahoma City (Friday).

“It’s good for them, especially for them to know I have those moments as well,” Bryant said. “I’m sure they’ve had them. I don’t know how they respond to them. Maybe in certain instances, maybe they let the self doubt get the best of them. I refuse to let that happen.”

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