KG being sued by neighbor


KG being sued by neighbor



Kevin Garnett will be returning for the Brooklyn Nets next season but for now, he may have to face some legal issues after he is reportedly facing a lawsuit from his neighbor over at Malibu.

KG is being charged with illegal renovation of his $9.5 million mansion and was said to have failed to secure the proper building permits for the simple remodeling of his home.

From TMZ:

According to the suit, obtained by TMZ Sports, Garnett started the construction project on his $9.5 million mega-mansion back in 2013 … but never got the correct permits.

In fact, the neighbor says KG lied to the City of Malibu by saying the whole thing was just a simple interior remodeling job — when he was really adding-on to the home — in an effort to cut through the red tape that comes with trying to get permits for expansion work.

Now, KG faces a hefty lawsuit for all this shortcuts which could have saved him so dough on remodeling. Maybe he would have been better off securing the permits don’t you think?

Image credits: Yahoo Sports

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