Kevin Durant's mother takes stand against "over-sexualized culture"


Kevin Durant’s mother takes stand against “over-sexualized culture”


Wanda Pratt, mother of Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant spoke on Tuesday in front of an audience upwards of 150 people at the “Shine the Light” event in Oklahoma City; part of an anti-pornography campaign. Pratt expressed her belief that today’s youth are over-sexualized and that children are contemplating sexual matters, she went on to add that adults have become “desensitized” to the “over-sexualization” in today’s society and encouraged listeners to take a stand. Here is he full script from the Oklahoman.


Per Oklahoman:

 The mother of an Oklahoma City NBA star said today’s society is so over-sexualized that very young children are contemplating sexual matters. “They should be dreaming about being an artist or a dancer. They should be dreaming of being the president or a doctor. Instead they’re thinking of sexual things. It really hurts my heart,” said Wanda Pratt, mother of Oklahoma City Thunder star forward Kevin Durant.

Pratt spoke Tuesday to about 150 people who attended the “Shine the Light” event Tuesday at Wheeler Park, 1120 S Western. The event was part of “She’s Somebody’s Daughter,” an anti-pornography campaign launched Oct. 1 in Oklahoma City.

She said adults have become desensitized to the over-sexualization she described as pervasive in today’s culture and she encouraged attendees to take a stand against advertisements and things that offend them and exploit others.

‘From my heart’

Pratt took a laptop to the podium where she made her presentation, but about five minutes in, she closed it, saying she wanted to “speak from my heart.”

Pratt said she was sexually molested as a child and the experience eroded her self-worth.

“I didn’t realize how devastating it was to me until I became a woman. I felt it was my fault,” she said. “I didn’t become promiscuous but I didn’t value myself.”

Pratt encouraged men to protect their families and honor and respect women. She urged the women to value themselves based on their heart, their love for God and other positive attributes instead of “the size of your breasts or how you look.”

“That’s what you owe to yourself,” she said.

A light in the dark

Meanwhile, at dusk, Pratt and other participants used flashlights distributed by event organizers or their own lights to symbolically “shine a light” for someone they care about as they stand against pornography, sex trafficking, violence and exploitation of women.

Aerial photos of the participants shining their lights near the Oklahoma River were taken via a helicopter, which circled overhead several times.

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