JR Smith Thinks He Is An NBA All-Star


JR Smith Thinks He Is An NBA All-Star


Via NY Post:


JR Smith has improved his play tremendously this season and automatically made the Knicks a better team. He recently made a unsolicited statement to the NY Post about his goal of becoming an all-star for the first time in his career:

Unsolicited, [J.R.] Smith told The Post he believes he should be considered for an All-Star selection for the first time in his career.

“My eyes are on being an All-Star, honestly,’’ Smith told The Post late Thursday after the Knicks hammered the mighty Spurs. “I’m not focusing on Sixth Man. Sixth Man is more long-term, honestly, end of the year. My individual goal right now is All-Star, then I’ll think about the Sixth Man. I’m trying to be that All-Star coming off the bench for my team.’’

Smith is not on the All-Star ballot. All-Star fan voting to select the starters ends Jan. 14. The coaches have until Jan. 24 to submit their ballots.

So what do you all think? Is JR Smith overstepping his boundary? Is he all-star material or not?

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