Is Karl Towns recruiting Andrew Wiggins?

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Is Karl Towns recruiting Andrew Wiggins?



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Karl Towns, Jr. is one of the top recruits of the 2014 class. He is a citizen of the Dominican Republic whose basketball team was coached by John Calipari. Quite predictably, Calipari already has Towns,Jr locked up. At the Nike Hoop Summit, 2013’s top prospect and Kentucky’s final target shares the room with Towns. They are teammates on the World Selection that will play against the US selection.


Knowing how relentless Calipari’s recruiting arm is, it is hard to deny speculation of the opportunity this situation presents.



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Towns, who plays for St. Joseph High School in Metuchen, N.J., is rooming with Andrew Wiggins, the nation’s No. 1 recruit out of Huntington (W.Va.) Prep. He says the two are “good friends” and enjoying their time together.


“We are having a blast,” Towns said. “We are enjoying each other, enjoying time with each other. He is so athletic and skilled on the court. It’s easy to do a pick-and-roll with him. We are going to utilize that on Saturday along with the chemistry we have. Me and him are so outgoing with each other.”
Wiggins seems to have narrowed his list of colleges to Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas and Florida State. The nation’s No. 1 recruit has not announced a timetable for his decision and Towns isn’t asking — or trying to influence him.


“I haven’t talked to him about Kentucky at all,” Towns said. “He has so much talent, but we are good friends. I just wish him the best for any school he picks. I want to let him enjoy the time here and just be friends and talk basketball and play video games. Stuff like that.”


Normally Towns is the center of attention and that only escalated when he re-classified from the 2015 recruiting class to the 2014 class and then picked Kentucky several months ago.


“That has been nice. There are so many great players here. Sometimes you get used to having all the attention and being in the spotlight, but it is great to have someone here like Andrew. It’s very humbling to know he can help with anything I need. It’s nice to have a co-pilot in this big spotlight. That’s one reason I love being here at the Hoop Summit,” Towns said.



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