Iguodala signing evolves into 3-team Sign and Trade


Iguodala signing evolves into 3-team Sign and Trade



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The Golden State Warriors failed to grab Dwight Howard. However, they got the best free agent for them in Andre Iguodala. This means more small ball for the Warriors, but more defense. The Nuggets, while losing their prime free agent, has sought to keep its cap intact. By executing a sign and trade, they get a freebie in Randy Foye from Utah. Best case scenario for them, without losing course of the new management’s direction.

per Yahoo Sports:



The Golden State Warriors are in advanced discussions on a three-way, sign-and-trade scenario centered on delivering a trade exception and Utah Jazz free agent Randy Foye to the Denver Nuggets, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

In the deal, which could be finalized on Monday, Denver would sign-and-trade forward Andre Iguodala to Golden State for the four-year, $48 million contract he had agreed to sign with the Warriors. This would create a $12 million trade exception that the Nuggets would have a full year to use before it expires.

Utah would sign-and-trade Foye to Denver on a three-year, $9 million deal, with a team option on the third season, sources said.


 The sign-and-trade would give the Warriors the salary cap flexibility to sign their 2013 first-round pick, Serbian Nemanja Nedovic, and preserve the Warriors’ midlevel salary exception. Golden State would send Utah a future second-round pick for its role in facilitating the deal.

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