Game of Thrones: Kings' fate still weeks away


Game of Thrones: Kings’ fate still weeks away



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They are still called the Sacramento Kings, but that may change in a few weeks. The franchise has been the subject of a tug-of-war between Seattle, once an NBA city and Sacramento, the third city in California to own an NBA franchise (LA has two franchises). As Seattle fans remain bitter of how they lost their Sonics to Oklahoma, they have learned their lesson and have launched a full bid to acquire the Sacramento’s NBA team.


Two cities and their basketball fans eagerly await the decision. NBA Commissioner David Stern holds their fate:


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NBA commissioner David Stern said Wednesday that a decision on the future home of the Kings franchise is still at least two weeks away.


Stern told reporters after a meeting of owners considering the team’s sale that it could be early next month before it’s known if the team is staying in Sacramento or heading to Seattle.


“I would be charitable to say the first week in May, but it could slide a bit,” Stern said. “That’s where we are.”


Stern said the committee will brief the full board of governors during their two-day meetings Thursday and Friday, but that there will be no vote. He said the committee, comprised of 12 owners, has a number of questions regarding real estate and legal matters.


He added that it’s likely they will meet again next week, either in person or via teleconference.


A Seattle group led by hedge-fund manager Chris Hansen has a deal to purchase 65 percent of the franchise from the Maloof family, and Sacramento has put together a group to make a backup offer. NBA officials have refused to say if the second bid matches Seattle’s.


Stern reiterated that expansion has not been discussed.


Wednesday night, the ever-faithful fans of the Kings pushed the uncertainty aside and did what they have done for parts of four decades during a 112-108 loss in the regular-season finale against the Los Angeles Clippers.


They rallied. Maybe for the last time.

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