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Kevin Durant’s From My Hood To Your Hood Tour Documentary


Before we prepare ourselves for a showdown between the Thunder and Spurs in the Western Conference Finals let’s flash back to last summer with Kevin Durant’s narrative short film titled “From My Hood to Your Hood Tour“.

Picture the summer of 2011 filled with summer league pandemonium, who’s the first person that comes to mind? Kevin Durant, without a question.  After all, he was the impeccable highlight of the 2011 summer league games. From the Goodman League, Drew League and Melo League games to the EBC at Rucker Park, there wasn’t a single disappointed fan. His flawless skills and passion for the game are visible with every alley-oop, off the board dunk, step back, crossover, and trey-ball, which at times had the range that would stretch out to half court. Durant’s consecutive long-range bull’s-eye shots were awe worthy, and kept every person in the crowd on their feet. There is a reason he has had back to back to back NBA scoring titles, and the summer of 2011 made that crystal clear.

A few memorable moments include that of his off the board dunk at the Drew League and his 66-point game at Rucker Park, both, which found him flooded by excited fans. One thing which we can all agree is that Durant will never take this to his head. Durant is notably one of the most humble players to ever grace a basketball court and this truth only adds to his already endearing character. He summed up his gratitude of the fans, stating that “their love and appreciation for the game of basketball” was the source of his unforgettable summer. If asked to describe KD’s 2011 summer in 3 to 5 words, I’m sure we can all agree –HE SHUT IT DOWN….

Of course it was simply a preview of the dominating force he became in the league throughout the 2011-12 season and now playoffs. Excitement is an understatement as the battle between the Thunder and Spurs heats up for the Western Conference Finals and we can only imagine what KD has in store for us next.

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