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Facebook fan page has more fans than the Charlotte Bobcats


via Basketball Forever Fanpage


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It’s no secret that the Charlotte  Bobcats are struggling. They fall at number 29 in the NBA Power Rankings (out of 30). The million dollar question however is why is the Bobcats Facebook audience so small? Now we present to you Basketball Forever. Basketball Forever is one of the elite basketball fan pages on the web. With over 171,799 likes (probably more by the time you read this). Basketball Forever is in no way, shape or form affiliated with the National Basketball Association. As for the Charlotte Bobcats? Well, they’re an NBA team. To delve a little deeper into comparisons, Basketball Forever does not have games that are televised on national television nor do they represent professional basketball players.


So why does it seem that more people care what Basketball Forever has to say than the Bobcats on Facebook? Maybe there aren’t that many Bobcats fans out there anymore. It could also mean that Basketball Forever is just an awesome fan page. But one thing is for certain – For the Charlotte Bobcats wouldn’t you agree this is kind of embarrassing?





Check out the slides comparing both pages.

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