Dwight should return to Orlando Magic - Jeff Van Gundy


Dwight should return to Orlando Magic – Jeff Van Gundy



via Orlando Sentinel

We’ve got the Dwightmare in full swing! Everybody has their two cents as to where he should go. Except Dwight himself. Unsurprisingly, JVG declares a return to Orlando is best, while being interviewed in the city itself. How many free drinks you got, Jeff?

Seriously, he does have a point..although other destinations (Houston, Golden State, Atlanta) seem to have a better reason (actual winning).



per Orlando Sentinel:



Jeff Van Gundy doesn’t think Dwight Howard should sign a free agency contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets or even the Dallas Mavericks.
No, he thinks Howard should return to Orlando and sign a free agency contract with none other than the … Orlando Magic.

“You know what he (Dwight) should do?”  Van Gundy, the ABC and ESPN analyst, said on ourOpen Mike radio show Wednesday morning. “He should fly back to Central Florida and say, ‘My bad … I want to come home. This is where I grew up. I left it bad, and I want to come back as a free agent.’ “



Added Van Gundy: “(Dwight should) come right back to Orlando because that’s where he prospered and that would give him the best chance to get back to being himself.”



I not only agree with Van Gundy; I’ll take it a step further. If Dwight really wanted to salvage his  wrecked reputation, he would call a news conference and say he wants to come back to Orlando – and play for his former coach Stan Van Gundy. Dwight would suddenly be transformed from the disloyal coach-killer into the sympathetic superstar who can admit his mistakes.

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