Dwight Howard will eat Skittles if he has to if it helps the Lakers win


Dwight Howard will eat Skittles if he has to if it helps the Lakers win


via ESPN:


One thing that Dwight Howard was right about is the negativity surrounding the Lakers right now. It’s not helping. From rumored animosity in the locker room to trade rumors that could possibly be knocking the teams focus. He told ESPN that the negativity needs to stop right now and that the Lakers are under a dark cloud and they need to find the “rainbow” on the other end. The part where Dwight lost me is where he said the team would eat more skittles to find a way.

This is just growing pains for the Lakers. LeBron and the Miami Heat received much criticism as well when they first started off but they found their way to an NBA title. With the way Kobe played last night, I saw a glimmer of hope for them (14 points, 14 assists and 9 rebounds). Kobe did a much better job of distributing and the Lakers came away with an easy win.


“Negativity just got to stop,” Howard said after the team’s shootaround Friday. “I’m sick of hearing about it. I’m sick of hearing about all the negative stuff. It’s a big problem. Negativity is just not good. We got to bring some positivity to this situation, to everybody.”

The Lakers got a bit of good news Thursday when Howard was cleared to play against theUtah Jazz on Friday despite reaggravating the partially torn labrum in his right shoulder during Wednesday’s 106-93 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies.

While having Howard in the lineup should help the team’s chances, the fact remains the Lakers are closer to last place in the Western Conference (three games ahead of No. 15 New Orleans) than they are to qualifying for the playoffs (four games behind No. 8 Portland) with more than half the season in the books.

However, Howard said the attitude surrounding the team can do a lot to change those circumstances.

“I’m just talking about negativity in general,” Howard said. “That’s like a dark cloud, and the more you feed into the negativity, the bigger it gets. So, we have to change that and we have to believe. For all the fans and everybody who support the Lakers, believe. Yes, we’re struggling. Yes, it’s not the best time to be a Laker fan or a Laker player, but we will get out of it. There’s a rainbow on the other end. We just got to make sure we get to it. I don’t know if we got to eat some more Skittles or whatever it may be, but we got to find a way.”

Who knows, maybe the Lakers might be on their way to discovering a double rainbow!!

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