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Dwight for Blake and Bledsoe inter-LA trade is dead on arrival

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via Lakers Nation

Only in Los Angeles. It’s been a long time since the both the Clippers and Lakers are both good teams. Yet they were still considered disappointments. Understandable for the Lakers, but for the Clippers? Last season was a series of firsts for them. Unfortunately, it included a first round exit.

The Clippers had high expectations since acquiring Chris Paul (since Stern won’t let him go to the Lakers) and they have to pay a price to keep him. That price is winning. Will Clippers owner Donald Sterling pay that price? Do the Clippers have the audacity to engage in a trade that will rock LA (and the basketball world) to its foundations?



per Lakers Nation:



Here’s the latest update on my report: the Lakers won’t do a sign-and-trade if Dwight Howard leaves, unless they get an offer they don’t expect for someone special. You know, like Blake Griffin and Eric Bledsoe.



Talk about unexpected and special.



To cut to the chase, the Clippers have not offered it, and, I was just told by someone with knowledge of the consternation among the Clippers, won’t. Even if was more like a notion they were toying with than a plan, I can tell you where it started.



I know why something so audacious would even come to mind: Dwight is beloved by Chris Paul and Eric Miller; Donald Sterling’s son-in-law and a new force in the front office.



And I know why they dropped it: It blew up all over Twitter, et al., before they ever decided if they were serious.




The Clippers, of course, are busy frying actual fish, in talks with the Celtics who have offered to free Doc Rivers and trade them Kevin Garnett—for Bledsoe, DeAndre Jordan and two No. 1 picks. The Clippers rejected it, and are trying to keep Bledsoe out of it, as talks continue.



If it’s moot, it’s still interesting to think what the Lakers would have thought of it.



At 24, making a reasonable $16.4 million next season, Griffin combines excitement, drive and value in the NBA’s new financially-constrained era.



At 23, Bledsoe is a major talent, waiting only to go somewhere he can start. With two years left on the rookie scale at a total of $6.3 million, he’s one of the highest-value gems around. On the other hand, if you’re the Lakers, can you imagine sending Dwight to play alongside CP3 in your own city?



If neither team was likely to have the, uh, guts for this one… which was how it turned out… it was fun while it lasted.



All two hours of it.

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