Derrick Rose's return date still uncertain


Derrick Rose’s return date still uncertain



Derrick Rose

Since Rose’s injury we’ve all been glad to hear better news every time the topic of recovery comes up.  Great to hear he is still improving. Can’t wait to see him in action.

DEERFIELD, Ill. — Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau Wednesday said he doesn’t believe even Derrick Rose knows when the former MVP will return to the court following knee surgery.

“I think (Rose is) being very truthful in what he said,” Thibodeau said. “I don’t think he knows (if he’ll return this year). The way he’s approached (rehab) and this is from the moment he had the surgery, the next day, he puts everything he has into whatever he’s being asked to do. He says he’ll know when it’s time. And we have to trust him. And as I said before, I trust him implicitly.

“He’ll tell all of us (when he’s ready). Trust me, he understands what’s going on here. We just have to work through it.”

Rose said March 12 that he can do everything in practice but he still needs to get his confidence back, and he didn’t rule out sitting the entire season.

“Whenever he’s ready,” Thibodeau said. “He’s got to feel good for a while. That’s the most important thing that when he finally does go on the floor we want him to be comfortable. Whatever the circumstances are, I think you have to make the best of those circumstances. If there’s limited minutes that’s fine, too. We’ll see. I don’t want to jump ahead. I just want him to keep making the progress that he’s making.

“He feels a little bit better each day and that’s the most important thing. So really in many ways nothing has changed from the standpoint of our players have to continue to focus on daily improvement and I think the big thing is the time of the season, too, is it’s the grind of the season and you’re fighting mental fatigue as well as the physical fatigue. And that’s what we have to clean up so we can continue to improve and play our best down the stretch.”

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