Chris Kaman rips the Lakers


Chris Kaman rips the Lakers


via Dallas News:


Mavericks center Chris Kaman joined 104.1 FM The Ticket on Thursday for his Chris Kaman radio show. Here are some highlights.

On Dwight Howard and the Lakers:

“I think that’s just a big joke, all that crap with the Lakers and stuff. I don’t know, they’re trying to buy a championship team instead of working hard and jelling, getting guys to go out there and play. They have all the talent potential in the world it just doesn’t seem like they can make it fit together.”

On the stars joining together to win a championship:

“As a player I would do the same thing if I was that good, if I was at the top of the league like LeBron and Dwyane Wade, trying to get together and make things happen.”

“The true haters are the ones that really know that it’s all about money and they’re not pure fans. The pure fans should understand that hey, this is going to be a team, we’re going to have LeBron James for as long as we can and if we don’t win, then, hey, he wants to win. He’s a lover. He’s a pure basketball player that loves the game. He’s got to go. He’s wants to go somewhere where he can try to win. He tried it here, it didn’t work. Most people should understand that.”

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