Chris Kaman not a fan of Dwayne Wade


Chris Kaman not a fan of Dwayne Wade


Via Dallas News


In a recent interview with Dallas News Chris Kaman was asked to comment on the Heat’s winning streak and his response included a little more than expected. Although Kaman says he’s a LeBron fan, he doesn’t feel the same love for Wade.

“Miami is playing really well now. They snuck out some serious wins the last couple of games. They should have lost, but they were able to figure it out and get back on top. I’m actually a LeBron James fan. I’m not much of a Dwyane Wade fan, but I’m a LeBron James fan. I’ve been watching him play, and we were in the same draft together. He’s had a great career already. I don’t want him to win everything, but I’m ok with the winning streak. I’m not against it or really for it. I just never really go along with (Dwyane Wade). I guess I just don’t like his style or whatever. I didn’t like the year the Mavs lost when he got all the foul calls. I didn’t like that.”

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