Intense Throwback: Willis Reed Fights Entire Lakers team!

We don't see this nowadays..

The Greatest Center Match-Up Of All-Time

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Giannis Antetokounmpo’s first time enjoying a smoothie

What did he mean three strawberries and two blueberries?

How Allen Iverson Battled Racism

What you didn't know about AI that will help you understand him so much more

Lamar Odom’s Heartbreaking Tragedies

Odom lost his mother, grandmother, and his newborn.

You Wouldn’t Believe How Strong Wilt Chamberlain Was

Arnold Schwarzenegger talking about how strong Wilt Chamberlain really was in the 80's

Michael Jordan’s Forgotten Gems

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His reaction to a call by this referee would change his life forever

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Whether You Believe In God Or Not, This Video Will Move You

The only cure to his deadly addiction

The Most Unbelievable Shot You’ll Ever See

Austin Groff of Twin Valley South High School got trapped at half-court and threw this wild heave over his shoulder that went in; unbelievable. Groff was in danger of losing the possession and any coach would be furious over what he did: throw the ball without any clear target. It’s also notable how Groff looked […]

Home of Ex-NBA player filled with trash, bullets, guns and feces

You’ll never believe what these new homeowners saw after getting a first look at their new house. Ex-NBA player Robert Swift’s house definitely reflected the tragedy of his career. Like MarsReel on Facebook

Life In The NBA Might Not Be What You Thought It Was Like

If you’re a great player in the NBA of course you probably have it good. But what about those who are just trying to make a name for themselves? Like MarsReel on Facebook

Proof The NBA Was More Physical In The 80’s

We’ve heard many legends and even Michael Jordan mention how soft today’s game has gotten. If you never knew what they were talking about now you will. Fights of the 80s were real fights, not the usual face-off and jawing, waiting for teammates to hold them back.   Like MarsReel on Facebook

“Tap Tap”

“Tap Tap” is something I hope to never hear again outside of this video. In the late 80s, “tap tap” was like a signal when the kid gloves are taken off. When you have Bill Laimbeer and Rick Mahorn on the same team, there will be trouble. These guys had the size and the absence […]

Never Overinflate A Basketball…Here’s Why

You should learn a valuable lesson after watching this video, I sure did. Had a good laugh too. Like MarsReel on Facebook