How Allen Iverson Battled Racism

What you didn't know about AI that will help you understand him so much more

His reaction to a call by this referee would change his life forever

He would spend the next 13 years of his life in a wheelchair

This Video of LeBron James’ Son Is A Scary Glimpse into the Future

LeBron James oldest 9-year old son, LeBron James Jr. and his AAU team, the Miami City Ballers competing in the 4th Grade Boys Division One National Basketball Championships in Lexington, KY. He may not have the skills yet but he moves just like his dad. Like MarsReel on Facebook

Rare footage of LeBron in the 10th grade is pulled from a Local TV station

Check it out.

The heart-breaking basketball story you didn’t know about

It's hard not to root for a guy like this ... he's gone through so much, and he's so humble. I'm happy for him, not just as a basketball player, but as a man.

The HS Legend That Shared The Stage With Kevin Garnett

Ronnie Fields was the high school teammate of Kevin Garnett and the third all-time leading scorer in Chicago public league history. He never made it to the NBA after a car crash that left him with a neck injury that would change the course of his career. Like MarsReel on Facebook

Why You Should Never Celebrate a Win Too Soon

From celebrating an awesome win to an even more priceless expression on the losing coaches face, this video wins the award for biggest sports fail ever. Dusan Kecman sank a shot that will go down as one of the most incredible in Adriatic League history. The shot would lead his team (Partizan) to win their […]

You Wouldn’t Want Anyone Else To Shoot The Game Winner…We Promise.

If you have a list of players you can depend on to make tough shots, Blake Hoffarber should be added to that list. Why? See for yourself. Like MarsReel on Facebook

The Worst Way To Lose A Basketball Game

This has to be one of the most painful ways to lose a basketball game. Like MarsReel on Facebook

What happens next will give you the chills…

Just wait until you get to the 3:00 mark...

The valuable life lesson YOU can take away from what this HS coach did for his players


The Tallest Player In High School Basketball

This kid is turning heads in every gym.

Kobe revealed to a group of teens his biggest secret to being unstoppable, and it’s genius

Kobe tells us the biggest secret to his game, in the smartest way ever

If there were a shot in basketball worth 5 points, this would be it.

In all seriousness ... hopefully we never see this again.

(Video) Greg Oden in high school

Like MarsReel on Facebook Greg Oden seems to have weathered every situation during his drama-filled basketball career. Greg Oden went from the #1 player in high school and college to the #1 draft pick coming into the NBA with “Shaq-comparisons”. After battling an injury-plagued career, Oden was given a second chance in Miami, and went […]