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Who won the three-way trade: Cavs, Knicks or Thunder?

An ideal trade is where both teams (or all teams) involved get better. That’s why they initiated the trade in the first place. However, most trades often have winners and losers and that might not be as crystal clear as one would hope. Teams have different intentions with every transaction […]

Dion Waiters To OKC Thunder, JR Smith To Cavs!

Big three-way trade in the offing. The details have yet to emerge but what has been confirmed is that Dion Waiters was pulled out of the starting line-up in Cleveland’s game against the Philadelphia 76ers.   Based on various Twitter reports, it’s a three-way trade that also involves Iman Shumpert […]

Larry Sanders Doesn’t Want to Play Basketball Anymore

  Larry Sanders signed a 4-year, $44 million extension with the Bucks before last season and ever since then things have devolved for him.  Last season was a mess of injuries and suspensions.  This season, playing on the first year of that extensions Sanders has continued to underperform despite being […]

Anthony Davis: Best Player on the Planet?

If you ask the New Orleans Pelicans now, they would probably not trade Anthony Davis for anyone. Not even LeBron James or Kevin Durant. His team would probably not make the playoffs in a ridiculously competitive Western Conference and that would probably take away his chance to win Most Valuable […]

LeBron James To Reunite With Dwyane Wade?

The NBA is going nuts over this video clip..it’s not even the video, but just the soundbyte at the end when the video cuts off (at around 2:44). NBC Sports has the quote: “Like I said, if we aren’t better this year, we’re gonna reunite again and do some bigger […]

Josh Smith now with Houston Rockets!

The Josh Smith saga is over–for now. He has officially joined the Houston Rockets after clearing waivers. Apparently, a handful of teams are interested in the former prep-to-pro prospect. They were just not willing to pay $ 14 million a year for him. That sounds about right. The details from […]

Josh Smith Waived By Detroit Pistons!

Stan Van Gundy really wants his way for his team and Josh Smith will not be a part of it. After seemingly futile efforts for a trade, the Detroit Pistons have waived Josh Smith. The announcement came with a statement from SVG. From M Live: “Our team has not performed […]