How Allen Iverson Battled Racism

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Never Overinflate A Basketball…Here’s Why

You should learn a valuable lesson after watching this video: Never skip Science class. This guy “had a ball” and we had a good laugh at his expense! Like MarsReel on Facebook

We DARE You To Try and Watch This Video Without Laughing Out Loud Hysterically

A fat guy trying to dunk off a trampoline = awesome. Whoever was in charge of picking people from the crowd knew exactly what they were doing. Like MarsReel on Facebook The best part about this video is he has such determination in his face before he takes off.

Shaq’s Gangsta Move On Michael Jordan

Not even MJ saw this coming

Michael Jordan Shatters The Backboard

Here is old footage from a 1985 Nike exhibition game that Michael Jordan played in Italy. Jordan looked great in this film, as always. but it gets really good when you forward to 2:32. R.I.P to the rim. Like MarsReel on Facebook

Watch 9 Awkward Seconds Roll By While D-Rose Struggles to Find This Reporter

Probably the most facial expressions we'll see from D-Rose all year.

A Story of How Ben McLemore Came From Nothing

Like MarsReel on Facebook Not only is he talented but it’s hard not to respect him for how he plays the game – with such humbleness and respect. We don’t see that often in young players.

17 Year Old LeBron Dunks On Defender From the Free-Throw Line

At no point in LeBron’s playing career would I step in front of him while he’s approaching at a rapid pace. It just doesn’t even sound right. Maybe you can get away with taking that gamble in high school but this guy was simply unlucky. Like MarsReel on Facebook

What if Derrick Rose Had Ended Up In Miami?

Here is a pre-draft workout of Derrick Rose for the Miami Heat back in 2008. I can’t help but wonder… What if D-Rose had ended up in Miami instead? Like MarsReel on Facebook

LeBron Dunks Between His Legs In High School Game

Here is a young LeBron throwing down one of the games most toughest dunks – the “Eastbay Dunk” aka the between the legs dunk. The dunk is impressive but for some odd reason we couldn’t help but notice the anxious fan on the sideline. Like MarsReel on Facebook

17 Year-Old LeBron Breaks The Backboard

Here is an ESPN half-time feature on LeBron James when he was 17 years-old. It’s amazing how good he was, even back then. Like MarsReel on Facebook

Kyrie Showcases His Ridiculous Handles In Hong Kong

Kyrie took a tour for Nike Basketball in Hong Kong where he broke down some dribbling drills for the locals. After that he broke down some defenders, Take a look. Like MarsReel on Facebook

Don’t You EVER Forget This

Kobe Bryant did something for his fans that we might never see happen again