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Bulls players calling Jimmy Butler “Kobe-Stopper”


via Twitter:

FireShot Screen Capture #083 - 'Twitter _ NickFriedell_ Bulls players yelling 'Kobe ___' - twitter_com_NickFriedell_status_293588896317599744

ESPN Chicago’s Nick Friedell tweeted after the Bulls victory over the struggling Lakers on Sunday night the Bulls players were calling Jimmy Butler, the “kobe-stopper”. It seems the former Marquette golden eagle is transitioning well in the NBA. Check out this video.

As you would expect Kobe Bryant was extremely frustrated after this 95-83 loss. Per ESPN:

Kobe Bryant couldn’t restrain himself after this one.

It wasn’t just that the Lakers lost again. It was how they did it, where they did it, and he was simply seething.

He even put out a call to ditch Mike D’Antoni’s up-tempo style and post up more after Pau Gasol got moved into a reserve role.

“We’re going to have to look at some things,” Bryant said after Los Angeles lost 95-83 at Chicago on Monday. “We’re going to have to change something. Probably going to have to post the ball a lot more, slow the game down a lot more. That’s just my intuition, but that’s my gut right now. I have to take a look at the film again, but we’re definitely going to have to change something.”

“Very, very tough, very, very frustrating, trying to keep my cool,” Bryant said. “It is embarassing. It is not even embarassing. I am a big history guy. Playing here in this arena with these incredible fans, you’re in the house of MJ, Pippen, PJ (Phil Jackson) built, to put this kind of brand of basketball on the floor is just not acceptable.”


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