Brian Shaw is the new Denver Nuggets head coach


Brian Shaw is the new Denver Nuggets head coach



via Denver Post


Fallout from the Doc Rivers trade/hiring/assumption of contract, Brian Shaw used to be the top candidate for the LA Clippers, and vice versa, as a lot of teams were also listing Brian Shaw. Doc trumped Brian Shaw, and now Shaw takes his second choice team..Denver Nuggets.


via Denver Post:


Brian Shaw will be the new coach of the Denver Nuggets, saying he’s been “prepared by the best of the best” for his first NBA head coaching job.



“I can’t express my appreciation enough,” Shaw told The Denver Post by phone Monday evening. “It’s been a grind to say the least, but I’m just very appreciative of the opportunity to lead this team. … It’s been years, 11-12 interviews I’ve gone through. And I’ve felt I’ve been prepared by the best of the best. You know, everything that’s worth something, a lot of times you have to wait for it. I feel like I’ve waited and paid my dues.



“I feel honored and privileged that (Nuggets executives) Josh (Kroenke) and Tim (Connelly) have put faith in me that I’m the guy they want to grow with going forward.”



The Indiana Pacers assistant coach and former Phil Jackson pupil will finally get a crack at being a head coach, taking over for George Karl, who was fired earlier this month.


Shaw has agreed to take over a team that won 57 games last season and is loaded with young talent. Lionel Hollins, the former Memphis Grizzlies coach, was Denver’s other top candidate for the position.

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