Blake Griffin is not untouchable


Blake Griffin is not untouchable



via USA Today

There were some implications on the fallen Clippers-Celtics trade. One question was the importance of Eric Bledsoe. Many were curious as to why a back-up point guard was so important when Chris Paul was there.

Apparently, the talks about using Bledsoe in another trade, specifically to their Staples Center stadium-mates, the Lakers. It was dismissed as an afterthought, but it was actually considered. Thus, the notion that the Clippers would never trade Blake Griffin is proven to be erroneous. Will this trade actually happen? How will this affect Blake Griffin?


per USA Today:


While the Clippers appeared willing to give up center DeAndre Jordan and two first-round draft picks in exchange for Garnett and the right to sign Rivers, a person with knowledge of the deal said only one pick was made available to the Celtics. By the time the talks ended midday Tuesday, the Celtics were unclear of the specific sticking points in the negotiations and were simply told the Clippers no longer wanted to do any of the many deals that had been discussed.



The Celtics had pushed for third-year point guard Eric Bledsoe and had also been hoping to unload salary tied to players Jason Terry and Courtney Lee (each player is due to make $5.2 million in 2013-14 and $5.4 million in 2014-15). The Clippers’ refusal to let go of Bledsoe had everything to do with his potential as a trade piece to help them add another star player in the future. And the revelation of how they see him as part of their possible plans exposed a new truth in recent days: The Clippers have considered the idea of trading power forward Blake Griffin.


Their interest in holding onto Bledsoe is, in part, tied to the notion that they could put him in a package with Griffin to do a sign-and-trade for Los Angeles Lakers center and free-agent-to-be Dwight Howard. It’s unclear whether the Lakers would consider the proposal if Howard decided not to re-sign with them, but it is a clear sign that the Clippers no longer see Griffin as the untouchable asset that he was once believed to be. Howard is merely one of a number of options being considered internally by the Clippers, with Orlando Magic guard Arron Afflalo and Indiana small forward Danny Granger also known to be on their radar.



There were certainly financial factors as well. Rivers has three years and $21 million remaining on his contract, but he clearly wanted to cross coasts for the chance to compete for a title rather than take part in the Celtics’ rebuilding job that is looming large. The Clippers had told involved parties that they were willing to pay him approximately $7 million annually.




If this trade would have been completed, it was expected that Celtics small forward Paul Pierce would have been bought out by Boston this summer and signed with the Clippers as a free agent. Pierce, a Los Angeles native, is only guaranteed $5 million of his $15.3 million earnings for next season if he’s cut before June 30, 2014.



The question now is whether Rivers can return to the job he has had since 2004 as if this never happened. One person with knowledge of the Celtics’ side of the situation said Rivers’ return will be a non-issue in terms of the way he is perceived by management, as he had seen this opportunity as a chance not only to take on a new challenge for himself but to help the Celtics speed up their rebuilding.

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