Battle Of I-95 Top Plays


Battle Of I-95 Top Plays


Photography courtesy of Colin A.J. Murphy

The NBA Lockout has led the way to some of the most exciting basketball games we have witnessed all summer in overwhelming proportions. A delayed NBA season has simply been swept to the back of our minds thanks to the constant pro-am battles all summer long. One recent battle was the Philly Pro-AM versus The Melo League. This game attracted at least one of your favorite NBA players, we guarantee it. LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Lou Williams, Tyreke Evans, Donte Greene, Josh Selby, Gary Forbes and more. Unfortunately Kevin Durant didn’t show up for this competition because he was shooting his movie. This game brought in a packed house with hundreds of fans as they all watched in amazement as Donte Greene, LeBron, and Chris Paul all pull off spectacular plays and finishes. One particular was Tyreke Evans showing off his smooth handle against Gary Forbes toward the end of the game. Team Philly versus Melo was a great game and it definitely makes it a little easier to digest the harsh realities of a foreshadowed nine month deprivation of good quality basketball. For more info on this game check out The Severna Park Voice. Full highlights here.

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