Attention shifts to Lance Stephenson


Attention shifts to Lance Stephenson



Controversial yet effective forward Lance Stephenson was believed to be staying in Indiana but the five-year $44 million offer seems to be far from what he was expecting. Thus, Stephenson joins the growing list of free agents exploring the free agency market to which Stephenson is being eyed by a couple of ballclubs.

From ESPN:

Stephenson has drawn interest from the Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers, although both teams have other free agents prioritized above Stephenson, according to sources. The Boston Celtics have also shown interest in Stephenson, according to a source.

Stephenson has been made popular by his on-court antics but aside from that, has been a reliable player to have. While he prefers to stay with the Pacers, if he finds a better deal then he may as well take his act elsewhere.

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