Amare Stoudemire wants to become Israeli citizen


Amare Stoudemire wants to become Israeli citizen



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Amare Stoudemire is going back to his roots. Deep into his roots.

Is he exempt from the military obligations? Because Israel’s army is pretty badass.

Training would be tough. Even for a pro athlete.

As for ‘basketball implications,’ Israel plays as a Euro team, not an Asian team, and the competition is cutthroat.



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New York Knicks center Amare Stoudemire is on his way to becoming an Israeli citizen.

Stoudemire has been overseas in Israel much of the summer. He spent part of his time serving as a coach for the Canadian national team at the Maccabbi Games an has spent the remaining time exploring his Jewish roots on his mother’s side.


“Stoudemire previously announced he had become a part owner in the Israeli basketball club Hapoel Jerusalem, partnering with basketball and baseball agent Arn Tellem. Israeli president Shimon Peres said he wants Stoudemire to play next year on the Israeli National Team, but it’s unlikely the Knicks would grant permission, since they already denied him a spot on Team USA in 2010.”

Stoudemire has always been a spiritual person, keeping regular contact with rabbis in New York city and was seen wearing a yarmulke to morning shootaround before Game 6 against the Pacers this past postseason.

The decision to become an Israeli citizen is not basketball-related at all, but it could have basketball implications down the road

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